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At Red Line Editorial, we stand behind the quality of our work. We’re pleased to share others’ recognition of that quality.

Organ Transplants Earns Starred Review

Organ TransplantsOrgan Transplants, one of the six titles in the Medical Marvels series, has earned a starred review by Booklist. The series was developed and produced by Red Line Editorial for ABDO Publishing. From Booklist:

There’s so much information packed into this compact book that students and browsers will come away with a real sense of how transplants work, as well as their history and future. It begins with the story of a teen’s heart transplant in 1998—and if that doesn’t get readers’ attention, the facing photo of a doctor holding a human heart will. After a concise but informative chapter on how transplantation works, the book goes back 5,000 years to the first discussions of transplants and then traces the procedure’s fits-and-starts progression over the centuries. Among the other well-presented topics are the procedure’s successes and failures, organ donation, survival rates, animal experimentation, and the ethical challenges for both donors and recipients. The book is handsomely designed, with interesting full-bleed photographs often facing a page of text. Sidebars, highlighted in yellow, pertain to the topic and never feel intrusive. Source notes and a bibliography, as well as a fine design, add to the title’s usefulness for researchers.

Writing Builders Title Earns Starred Review

Bridget and Bo Build a BlogBridget and Bo Build a Blog, one of the six titles in the Writing Builders series, has earned a starred review by Booklist. The series was developed and produced by Red Line Editorial for Norwood House Press. From Booklist:

A close cousin to the publisher’s Poetry Builders set, the Writing Builders series offers gregarious, upbeat introductions to a number of tasks young writers will eventually tackle. … The wisecracks never intrude upon the learning, and the advice can easily extend to other kinds of writing.

Two Series Make Booklist’s Top 10 Series Nonfiction List

Two series developed by Red Line Editorial have earned a spot on Booklist’s Top 10 Series Nonfiction List for 2012.

Technology PioneersTechnology Pioneers was developed and produced for Essential Library, a division of Abdo Publishing. From Booklist:

Gr. 5–8. YouTube, Google, Craigslist, Wikipedia, Pixar—these are just some of the forward-thinking companies examined in these biography-history-business primer combos.

How Things WorkThe How Things Work series was developed and produced for The Child’s World. From Booklist:

Gr. 4–6. Hosted by a wry robot-and-caveman cartoon duo, this set of explainers is a model of clarity in nonfiction. Rarely are diagrams and metaphors—and humor—so aptly employed.

Military Heroes Title Earns SLJ Starred Review

Benjamin O. Davis Jr.: Air Force General & Tuskegee Airmen Leader is one of the titles in the Military Heroes series, which Red Line developed and produced for Essential Library, a division of Abdo Publishing. It earned a starred review from School Library Journal on October 1, 2010:
Benjamin O. Davis

Gr 7-9 Real events characterized by danger and excitement introduce readers to each individuals character. The rush of literary adrenalin will hook readers immediately and keep them enthralled until the end. … Given the dynamic topic of the series and each volumes appealing layout (wide margins, short paragraphs, large illustrations), these books are likely to attract reluctant readers. … Other material is available on these subjects, but this series is noteworthy for its accessible writing, appealing layout, and high-interest history.

Science Rocks Wins Golden Lamp Awardlgl_sciencerocks

The six-book Science Rocks series that Red Line developed and produced for Magic Wagon, a division of Abdo Publishing, earned the prestigious Golden Lamp Award in the Book category from the Association of Educational Publishers in 2008.

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