Red Line Editorial


Bob Temple is the Founder and President of Red Line Editorial, Inc. Bob brings three decades of publishing experience in media, online publishing, and book publishing. He is an award-winning journalist and author, having covered major national sports events and written dozens of books for youth and adult audiences, both fiction and nonfiction.

Bob’s wide-ranging career experience includes running a group of suburban newspapers as well as leading national and local media Web operations. In his career in book publishing, Bob has led development on more than 1,000 titles and has been a key figure in the launch of numerous imprints and publishing endeavors.

Red Line Editorial’s team consists of a dedicated in-house staff. Our team boasts experience in educational (library and textbook), electronic, trade, and sports publishing.

Our in-house design team handles design, illustration, file conversion, and photography projects working in a variety of programs, including Adobe’s Creative Suite, Dreamweaver, Flash, Quark, and more.

Red Line’s in-house sports team includes writers and editors with experience covering some of the world’s top sporting events, including the Olympic Games, the World Series, the Stanley Cup finals, and numerous NCAA tournaments. We also boast years of experience covering grassroots youth athletics, as well.

Red Line Editorial